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    Stunning and unique industrial nightclub and selfie studio venue 

The Event Loft has been involved in some of the most stunning celebrations in  Columbus, Ohio . Our 2 locations provide our customers with unique spaces for their most memorable events. Event loft has hosted dinner parties, birthday celebrations, children's parties, baby showers, gender reveals, bridal showers, pop up shops, networking events, and MORE! We always make sure to provide our guest with the best services, offering a wide variety of custom decor, design, rental options and vendors.  We are here to make create ever- lasting memories! 

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Industrial Selfie Studio Club Venue- Suite B 

Our unique, over the top, spacious club venue includes:

- Florissant glow fencing and wall

- 1300 square foot graffiti wall 

- 8 selfie studio booths 

- private suite booths for private parties 

- table and chairs 

- Lighting and light show 

- 200 inch projector screen 

Perfect for hosting big shows, productions, paint and sips, and ticket driven parties. 

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Modern Spacious venue with Kitchenette- Suite A 

The modern Westerville location is perfect for any  celebration, Baby showers, receptions, private parties, workshops and more. 

We host the most immaculate parties in this 2200 square foot facility, that holds 166 people. This venue includes 

- Kitchenette

- 15 mirror wall 

- DJ screen 

-tables and chairs with rate 

- Perfect Natural lighting and gray tones 

- Gray hardwood floors 

- 1 bathroom 

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Our team is here to provide exceptional service to  our guest. Looking decorating, inventory, and inspiration, we got you covered. Our experts have experience making the ultimate magical experiences!

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